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     Frequently Asked Questions

When are the plays released?

My plays are released as early as Tuesday or Wednesday, if warranted, with a recommendation to play a particular game immediately, before the line changes. This would usually be a favorite, as the line most often increases as game time approaches. Conversely, if the selection is an underdog, we suggest monitoring the line, as it will usually change in your favor. My final college update is released on Saturday morning and the NFL update on Sunday morning. 

How can I get the free preseason?

All you have to do is send us the email address you want the plays sent to and tell us you want the free preseason. There is no obligation or credit card needed.

How do you rate your plays?

TOP PLAYS are the ones I recommend and the games I play myself. My strongest plays may be designated as a " STRONG PLAY " or a " GAME OF THE WEEK " or a rare " GAME OF THE YEAR " . We don't release a SEC Game of the Year, a Big 10 Game of the Year, a PAC 10 Game of the Year and an AFC or NFC Game of the Year as some services do. That is just a hype to get you to buy their big games, as if they had some special knowledge that the game was a " sure thing ".

What is different about your guarantee?

We offer a 100% money back guarantee with the money kept in a Paypal account. There are some " scammers " that offer a guarantee, but after the game or games go down in flames, try and collect it ! They just go out of business and then open up with a brand new name and some have the nerve to call you and say ," You've probably been scammed by some service, try ours. We have a " can't lose " game going today, that will get you even." Other services that offer a " guarantee "will give you additional service or free picks to make up for the losing day, week or month, but do you really want more losers from that service, even for free ? 

How can we contact you with any other questions?

I'm always available to answer your questions. Email your questions to

1. For those of you that missed the free preseason, you are eligible for our money back guarantee Pay $ 395 now and if I don't show a profit by the end of October, you can request a complete refund. Your money will be kept in a special account and will be refunded, no questions asked.

From the start of college and regular NFL season to October 30th. $ 395.00

2. At the end of October, if you want to continue my service through the rest of the college and NFL season, including all the bowl games, NFL playoffs, and Super Bowl, you would pay an additional $ 200, making a total of $ 595 for the entire season. Otherwise, if for any reason you are not satisfied, even if we show a profit, discontinue my services and you owe nothing more!

 Including college bowls, NFL playoffs, and Super Bowl $ 200.00


3. For those of you who received the free month of the preseason and are familiar with my abilities and/or have been with me before, you can skip the guarantee and save $100. You would pay only $ 495 for the entire season.

COMPLETE COLLEGE and NFL SEASON (Without guarantee) SAVE $100.00! $ 495.00
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