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                                                        ARE MONITORING SERVICES OBSOLETE ?

Years ago, if a sports service was not monitored by one of the legitimate monitoring services, I would not even consider doing business with them, but that has all changed.

Back in the day, the first monitoring service I knew about was Mike McKusker. He operated independently and did not have a handicapping service and was brutally honest. Later, the Sports Monitor out of Oklahoma came along and they too could be trusted to list the true won and lost records of the services that they monitored and they are probably recognized as the premier monitoring service, today.

In the last few years, a number of new  “ monitoring services “ have emerged, but unfortunately, it turns out they are just fronts for a particular group of handicappers. A few handicappers get together and form their own fictitious monitoring service with a legitimately sounding name. So, which handicappers are going to have outstanding won/lost records, according to them? Some of the other services they list with poor records, don’t even exist ! There just aren’t too many trustworthy monitoring services anymore.

There is another problem with posting records. With so many different lines now available on any particular game, one monitor may credit a handicapper with a win, while another monitor, using a different line, may count that game as a loss. To further complicate the situation, the early line on a game might be  – 6 ½ , but by game time could have moved to – 7 ½.  A handicapper, even though he may have put out a play on the favorite on game day, might still try to claim the line was – 6 ½ and proclaim a winner, even though none of his clients were able to get the game at that line and the favorite won by 7 points and his clients lost.

Because of all the variables, I have seen two very reputable consensus services; the Winning Connection and Rocky’s Winner’s Circle,  post the won/lost records of the top services and they were vastly different from each other and they also differed from my record of actual bets made on their plays.

So, is there a record you can really depend on as being accurate? The answer  ….    is NO! A win or a loss on a handicapper’s selection will depend on when you bet it and where you bet it. You could easily have a win on a game that a monitor scored as a loss and visa versa. I can remember, this past season putting out a play, but I was so busy posting my plays, for my clients, that by the time I went  to bet my play myself, the line had moved and I lost the game, but all my clients who bet it when I first put it out, WON.

Over the years, before I started this service, when my ego would get the best of me, I would opt to be monitored just for the bragging rights and on each of those occasions when I was monitored, I had a very good year. Even the one and only year I was monitored by the best, legitimate outfit, The Sports Monitor out of Oklahoma.  My regular plays were only 41-34, but my best bets were 13-3.

The message here, is that records, even mine, can be somewhat misleading. It does you no good if a service claims a 3-0 day, if the lines you received on those games, resulted in 1-2 or even an 0-3 day.

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