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Video 2, More About My Football Handicapping.

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My NFL and College Handicapping

Hi. My name is Steve and I’m probably the best football handicapper that you’ve NEVER heard of ! I’ve been handicapping and betting football for over 30 years and I’ve done exceptionally well. Every once in awhile, my ego gets the best of me and I ask one of the monitoring services to track my picks. I haven’t done it often, but when I have, my results have been better than 90 % of the big name services.

In 1980, the McCusker Report listed me as 11-5 in the NFL. In 1995, I entered the Sports Watch Annual Handicapping Contest and finished second. The next time I was monitored, in 1997, I was handicapping for one of the better services and we finished # 1 in the NFL Preseason and #1 in college football. I only handicapped for him that one year and then went back to just betting my own picks. I got the bug to be monitored again in 1998 and finished second in the Best Bets with a record of 13-3. In 2010, I decided to start my own service; one that would be honest, without all the hype and false claims and I wanted it to be more personal, so I made myself readily available to answer any question on betting, the best off shore books and money management.  

We want to offer you a risk free opportunity to try out our service. The first promotion features a four week free trial of the NFL preseason. Just send us the email address you want the plays sent to. There is no obligation, of any kind. The second promotion is available to those of you that missed the free preseason. You are eligible for our money back guarantee.

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The total cost for all my picks including my "Games of the Year" for the regular NFL and college season, the Bowl games and the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl is only $ 595 !

If you have any questions, you can contact me at:

1. For those of you that missed the free preseason, you are eligible for our money back guarantee Pay $ 395 now and if I don't show a profit by the end of October, you can request a complete refund. Your money will be kept in a special account and will be refunded, no questions asked.

2. At the end of October, if you want to continue my service through the rest of the college and NFL season, including all the bowl games, NFL playoffs, and Super Bowl, you would pay an additional $ 200, making a total of $ 595 for the entire season. Otherwise, if for any reason you are not satisfied, even if we show a profit, discontinue my services and you owe nothing more!

3. For those of you who received the free month of the preseason and are familiar with my abilities and/or have been with me before, you can skip the guarantee and save $100. You would pay only $ 495 for the entire season.


From The start of college and regular NFL season to October 30th. $ 395.00


Only Available If You Purchased The Money Back Guarantee

Including college bowls, NFL playoffs and Super Bowl $ 200.00

COMPLETE COLLEGE and NFL SEASON (Without guarantee)

SAVE $100.00! $ 495.00

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CapperTek Verified Sports Handicapping Service
Free MLB Baseball PicksVerified by CapperTek on 6-22-2019