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I have known Steve for many, many years and before he became a professional handicapper, he used to send me his football picks ( for free ) and I did very, very well with them. Once in a while, one of the BIG name services and Steve came out on the opposite side of the same game. In the beginning, because I had paid a lot for the professional service, I went with their pick and it cost me a lot of money because more often than not, Steve had the winner! Now, that he is a professional handicapper, I have to pay for the picks, but it’s well worth it. What a friend!

Hal Brooks,  California

I have had the best results for the last three years, thanks to Steve’s Bottom Line.  Steve had done a good job in both college and the pros.
Joe S. Davie, Fl

“I have been with numerous sports services who lost or won very little.  Your selections were spectacular-the BOWL SELECTIONS were out of this universe.  And above all, you were honest-answered all of my questions and very professional.  I played all of the selections with confidence.  I cannot wait for the upcoming season to begin!”
Joe S.,  Ohio

“During the past two seasons, I have financially benefited from Steve ‘s clearly superior sports handicapping services. He excels at football, while fully utilizing the other services where they are hot and in situations where they have a statistically superior edge. Steve is always scouting for up and coming services with an edge. However, where Steve’s personal expertise excels, for example in college bowl games, he relies almost exclusively on his own picks.
Steve is a proven winner, who is always fine-tuning the process to come up with an even better edge. There are continuing improvements and adjustments throughout the season. Steve often personally explains why a certain recommendation or adjustment is made. Steve is definitely the real thing, and his winner personality prevails. His service is a bargain at three times the price. Sincerely,

 Chris Chamness, Attorney at Law, Citrus Heights, CA  95621

I have been one of Steve’s customers for the past three years. I have no hesitation in sharing the fact that I will sign up again this year. Steve’s service pays for itself and gives me an advantage when handicapping. The combination of Steve’s in depth knowledge of both the teams and the statistical history of the games along with his personal review of numerous other handicapping services provides me with the results of hours of research that I could not do on my own. Steve, thank you for my prior years of success and I look forward to the upcoming year.
Chris A.

I have known Steve for 30 years. As one that knows the time and effort it takes to handicap sports, Steve puts in overtime. There may be only one year that he came in at less than 55%. I can always expect him to be over 60%. The years hitting over 70% are the ones that I get a bigger boat!
John H,  Mississippi

I have been with a lot of different handicappers over the last 5-6 years. Your football picks where without question the best picks where I made the most $. I had signed up with some of the “BIG” names in handicapping too there prices were way to high for what you get from them. Yours is a great value and your win lose #’s are not inflated to make it look good. You are the real deal, can’t wait for the new season.
Thanks again, Kenny Brown

I have been with Steve’s Bottom line for the past three years and have found his recommendations to be far superior to the best services around!  When Steve talks, listen to what he is saying! You won’t be misguided!
Gary, Hawaii

Hi Steve,  I wanted to thank you for last years terrific picks both in the NFL and College picks. I swore to myself that I would never follow anyone’s picks again. I am glad I didn’t keep that promise. You did very very good during the regular season but and EXCELLENT during the playoffs. I look forward to signing up this year. Regards,
Pittsburgh Chris.

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