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What Every Sports Better Should Know


#10. You don’t need 80 % winners to make a profit.  Handicappers may achieve  80 % over a short period of time, but I know of no one, including myself, who can maintain that kind of percentage over the long run. If you manage your money intelligently, you can make a nice profit with only 58 % winners. 

#9.  Don’t chase losing bets. There is always another day or another week. When the week used to close after the MNF game, bookies would clean up as all the players who were in the hole, tried to bail out on this last game of the week and more often than not, they wound up further in the hole.

#8.  Know your handicappers, if you intend to follow more than one. Some are excellent in college, but can’t figure out the NFL to save their lives and visa versa. I have handicapper’s records going back more than 10 years and I can tell you who is the best in college and who is the best in the NFL, as well as the few who are good in both.

Don’t follow too many handicappers. It will only confuse you, especially when two services pick the opposite side of the same game. My advice is to follow only 

1- 2 services and play only their top games.

 #6.  Do not go for all of the “ bonuses ” offered by the off shore books. Sure, it sounds great when they offer to “ give “ you 50 % more than your original deposit, but unless you are successful in turning over your original deposit    X    number of times, and it is a huge number, you can’t withdraw ANY money from your account. One reason that many sports services recommend a particular off shore book is because they are getting a personal kickback in the form of free bets, whenever one of their clients signs up. I will recommend a few off shore stores that appear to be trustworthy and you don’t even have to mention my name, if you sign up with them.

 #5.  knowing when to bet is critical. The lines can change considerably from the opening line to the closing line. Most often, the line on the favorite will increase gradually, as it approaches game time, because the public usually backs the favorite regardless of the line. Conversely, if you like the underdog, it is better to wait and possibly get an extra half point, point or more. We may put out some early plays by Tuesday or Wednesday and tell you to either bet it now or wait and follow the line changes.

 #4.  You need at least two sources to place your bets. If you shop around, you can sometimes find a line on your game that differs in your favor by that important half a point or more. We’ll show you how to scout lines, so you will know when your favorite book is about to change their line and it’s going against you and you want to bet it now, or if it is going to change in your favor and you are better off waiting. 

#3.  Don’t believe all the hype. Most handicapper’s records are inflated and some are just outright BS. I have the records of the “ top “ services going back more than 10 years. When I pick a service to follow my criteria is that they have a good long-term record ( consistency ) and have done well at least two out of the last three years ( still strong ).

 #2. There are no” LOCK” or “ Can’t Lose ” games. If you believe there are, then you probably still believe in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus! My best game is called the “ Game of the Week “ or the “ Bowl Game of the Year “, but I will never use the term “ Lock  “.

#1.  And the number one thing that all sport’s betters should know Is…………. MONEY MANAGEMENT! The keys to money management are discipline and having a plan. Many betters over bet their capital and are done or have to borrow money from other sources to continue betting for the season. Most experts recommend setting aside a bankroll just for sports betting. It should be money that is not needed for anything else, like rent, living expenses, etc. Whatever that amount happens to be, you should not bet more than 2 ½ to 5 % of the total on any one game. If you are having a successful season and your bankroll increases, so will the size of your bets. On the other hand, if you hit a losing streak, your bets will diminish in size until you start winning again. As an example; if you have deposited $ 5000 into your sports betting account, your initial bet should be $ 125 ( 2 ½ % of $ 5000 ) or if it is a Game of the Week, a larger amount, say $ 200, but never more than 5 % of the balance in your account. When you sign up, you will receive even more detailed money management suggestions. So what are you waiting for ?     Sign up now !

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