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Why Should You Use Our Services?
                                                          My 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

I am so confident in my handicapping ability that I offer a choice of 4 weeks of the NFL preseason, including any TOP PLAYS, or GAME of the WEEK, all absolutely FREE, or my money back guarantee.There are many services that offer some type of guarantee. The most common is, if you have a losing month, they will give you another month free. Just what you need.......another month of losers! Free or not, that is not a bargain. As far as I know, I'm the only service that stands behind his picks 100 %. Here are the options :

1. For those of you that missed the free preseason, you are eligible for our money back guarantee Pay $ 395 now and if I don't show a profit by the end of October, you can request a complete refund. Your money will be kept in a special account and will be refunded, no questions asked.

From the start of college and regular NFL season to October 30th. $ 395.00

2. At the end of October, if you want to continue my service through the rest of the college and NFL season, including all the bowl games, NFL playoffs, and Super Bowl, you would pay an additional $ 200, making a total of $ 595 for the entire season. Otherwise, if for any reason you are not satisfied, even if we show a profit, discontinue my services and you owe nothing more!

 Including college bowls, NFL playoffs, and Super Bowl $ 200.00


3. For those of you who received the free month of the preseason and are familiar with my abilities and/or have been with me before, you can skip the guarantee and save $100. You would pay only $ 495 for the entire season.

COMPLETE COLLEGE and NFL SEASON (Without guarantee) SAVE $100.00! $ 495.00


1.  I don’t have “ LOCK “ games or “ INSIDE INFORMATION “ games. I put out regular plays for those clients that insist on a lot of action and TOP PLAYS, which are the ones I personally play. I used to put out one GAME OF THE WEEK in both college and the NFL, but now, only when I find a game strong enough to be a GOW, will I put that out. Other than that, I don’t have different levels or different clubs that cost different amounts. Your fee entitles you to every game I handicap! 

2You’ll receive some of my plays as early as Tuesday or Wednesday, so you can take advantage of a soft line.

3. We provide daily updates when warranted.  I monitor a number of off shore books and if I see a trend in a line move on one of our games, I’ll send out an email advising my clients to either bet the game now or if it is moving in our favor, to wait and see if it continues its current trend.

4. My service for college and the NFL starts with the first college game and ends with the Super Bowl. There is no extra charge for the bowl games, or the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl if you are signed up for the second half of the season.

5. I’m always available online or by phone to answer your questions and you will usually receive a reply on the same day.


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